Brilliant: Plesk Onyx is even free with us!

SERVER4YOU is making you an offer you can hardly refuse: Get to know the brand new Plesk Onyx at spectacular introductory prices - or even completely free! The tool is available in all of our dedicated products - In three variously advanced versions. You enjoy the choice:

37.99 $ / month
Example server + Plesk:
  • Green Line:
  • AMD Octa-Core
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2x 2.000 GB SATA
  • 100 Mbit/s
  • Plesk Onyx for free!
    Get Plesk now

    WordPress Toolkit 2.0

    Using the new WordPress Toolkit 2.0 you can copy WP instances and move data back and forth between versions like lightning.
    Web-Experts have never before been able to create, edit and publish sites so quickly and easily.

    Code-Masters know:
    No experimentation without an orderly staging environment, and with plesk you now have a user friendly central tool which will enable you to create projects for yourself or your customers in no time at all.
    SERVER4YOU is the exclusive launch partner for Plesk WordPress Toolkit 2.0 and offers this add-on to all versions of Plesk Web Pro or Web Host free of charge.
    Users of the previous version can update to version 2.0 at any time via Plesk ControlPanel, the update is naturally free of charge.

    It's your choice: Plesk Onyx is available in 3 versions:

    Web Admin

    For concentrating on website and server administration

    ✅ 10 domains

    ✅ Developer pack

    the basic version
    free instead of $ 9.90

    Web Pro

    For web professionals: whether you are a developer or designer

    ✅ 30 domains

    ✅ WordPress Toolkit

    ✅ Developer pack

    ✅ Subscription Management

    ✅ Account Management

    the extended version
    $ 9.90 instead of $ 14.90

    Web Host

    For everyone building their business on Plesk

    ✅ Unlimited domains

    ✅ WordPress toolkit

    ✅ Developer pack

    ✅ Subscription management

    ✅ Account management

    ✅ Reseller management

    the complete version
    $ 24.90 instead of $ 35.00

    Server pricing – polished to a shine for you!

    In the Spring everything should be sparkling clean.
    We have polished up our already competitive pricing to a magnificent shine.
    Save over 38% with our virtual servers and enjoy the spotless offer of setup completely free of charge.
    Hosting with a Springtime feeling – only at SERVER4YOU – valid while stocks last!

    Virtual Server

    $0 setup +
    Save $5 /month!

  • 100 GB SSD or 200 GB HDD
  • 4 GB RAM guaranteed
  • 100 Mbit/s connection
    • was $14 now 9$ Month

      Never ending price advantages

    Save Now

    Dedicated Server Blue Line

    $0 setup!

  • 2x 3TB HDD or 2x 500 GB SSD
  • 32 GB DDR3 RAM guaranteed
  • 1 Gbit/s connection
    • from 59.99$ Month

      Best offer!

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    One, two, three - your quick launch at SERVER4YOU

    Step 1: Order a SERVER4YOU server and select an operating system

    Step 2: Select and install the Plesk Onyx version from your customer panel

    Step 3: Ready-to-code – you are now ready to start your project!

    Multi-talent at mega-advantage

    Plesk is the leading web operations platform for developing, operating and automating websites and applications. With the very latest version of Plesk Onyx, a system of unique complexity stands available to developers, system administrators and all other web pros, not to mention agencies and resellers - and also the most in convenience and time-saving. Besides the outstandingly popular WordPress, Plesk Onyx also supports all currently relevant programming languages, such as PHP, Java, node.js, html5, .Net, Python and many others. One further highlight: With its new multi-server environment and an unlimited number of integrable domains, it permits the support of numerous customers by way of a shared control panel. Take your special chance at SERVER4YOU: Super-affordable, high-quality hardware plus Plesk Onyx - and arduous, irritating server administration will be effectively over. In no time at all you will be ready-to-code!

    For WordPress fans, development geeks and all other web pros

    Many developers and other web professionals have been eagerly awaiting Plesk Onyx. The new administration tool has now arrived, to make work on your server also considerably easier. Ready-to-code is the motto - the tool fulfills this lofty claim like no other control panel before. It offers a proven spectrum of handy functions already familiar to you from Plesk 12.5. A multitude of further innovative features now make the tool incomparably effective. Do you work with WordPress? Perfect, then enjoy the comprehensive support offered. The newest multi-server support will also impress many users. SERVER4YOU is one of the few select partners worldwide with which Plesk is introducing this groundbreaking administration tool to the market. Discover for yourself why Plesk Onyx is so much more than just a control panel.

    Docker brings compatibility like never before

    From a mere insider tip, the Docker open source software has rapidly developed into a genuine ‘must-have’ among developers and other web pros. The concept of operating system virtualisation makes it possible to isolate applications within containers. Its most outstanding uses: With Docker, you can employ specific software (such as Redis, MongoDB, or particular versions of a software) which is not supported by your operating system or would otherwise have to be compiled.

    The major highlights of the new Plesk Onyx

    Docker support

    Respond to the growing demands of your customers: Docker permits you on-demand access to numerous programs such as Redis, MongoDB, Memcached and many others.

    Git support

    Integrate Git, currently the most popular source code management system. Manage Git repositories and use it as a transport for first publications and updates.


    Profit from the intuitive interface for web pros - use PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, :Net, node.js, html5 and much more.


    A centralised account management facilitates the automatic allocation of webspace or subscriptions over connected service nodes.

    Many operating systems

    Whether it's Windows Server or Linux distributions like CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu versions: Work with the operating system of your own choice.

    WordPress toolkit 2.0

    Ultimate convenience: The powerful security and mass-management tool for your WordPress instances, plugins and themes.

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