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With us, they come included: The features that
simplify your day-to-day working with your server.

Windows Server: Brimming with
Microsoft® know-how

Windows Server lets your infrastructure profit from worldwide Microsoft® experience: In terms of virtualisation, management, storage, networking, virtual desktop infrastructure, access to and protection of information, and so much more.

Choose between Windows Webserver 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard* and
Windows Server 2016 Standard*.

*not available with our Virtual Servers and Green Line.

3 Reasons for Windows Server 2016

The brand-new Plesk Onyx: Amaze yourself right now!

Make it easy for yourself: Self-hosting can be so simple, when you choose Plesk as your first assistant. You will need nothing more than this tool to set up websites and applications, and even to operate them securely. It also permits role-based access: Administrator, reseller, customer, domain owner or mail user. The brand new Plesk Onyx offers some specific requests from web developers: With functions such as RubyOnRails, Support, GIT-integration, as well as the ability to rapidly allocate certain services for current projects in the form of Docker containers. Plesk Onyx also impresses in the field of classic hosting, including, among other things, Update Manager, new PHP functionalities and optimised SSL management.

Free of charge for you:: The latest Plesk version including 10 domains

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Today’s data security: Acronis Backup

It‘s just a few clicks for you – and the latest generation of world-leading data backup technology goes to work. Create complete image backups which can be reliably restored at any time with a user friendly interface. Acronis Backup is the ideal solution for private as well as the most complex professional requirements. Maximum security, minimum effort – and all to excellent SERVER4YOU conditions. Get it now!

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Linux and cPanel - the perfect team

Among our dedicated servers, cPanel is the most-selected control panel for Linux distributions. It is easy to install, intuitively operable and also extremely reliable.
Whether you run an online boutique, head a complex Internet enterprise or just want to freely exploit your full potentialities as a tekkie: Using cPanel, you are optimally equipped for practically all of the common administrative tasks.
You can create email accounts, forwards, mailing lists and autoresponders, declare war on spam: Using Spamassassin and Boxtrapper, exclusive to cPanel.

Manage data via FTP or by using the integrated data manager.
Protect your website with HotLink Protection, Leech Protect and ModSecurity.
Develop databases using MySQL, PostgreSQL and phpMyAdmin and identify your website with Simple DNS Zone Editor and Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

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Boosting freedom of choice: Our own PowerPanel

Profit from extremely useful courses of action, provided to you free of charge.

Fresh start: Reboot

When using ‘Reboot’, your server starts every time anew, fully automatically and within just a few seconds. Decide for yourself between a soft or a hard reboot. After every new start, our system automatically checks whether your server is accessible and ensures that everything is functional again as quickly as possible.

Fresh installation: Restore

‘Restore’ allows you to request a fresh installation of your server in your customer interface, which is then performed immediately. During this fresh installation, you have a free choice between the available operating systems.

Repair: Recovery

When for any reason your data becomes unavailable over the Internet, you always have the option of accessing the emergency recovery system to immediately trace potential problems. To restore server accessibility, you can alter the system configuration, for example.

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