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How do I use a Domain that is Registered externally?

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  • How do I use a Domain that is Registered externally?

    If your Domain is Registered somewhere else and you want to use it on our Server you have 3 good Options for it:

    1st: You can move the Domains to us over the Authorization Code
    2nd: You can go to your current Host and change the IP to the new Server
    3rd: You can in our Panel (after the server is active) go to Network -> Nameserver add there the Domain and then change the nameserver on your current Host to our NS

    For the 1st one you will need to request the Authorization Code at your Old Provider and then go to Domains -> Domain Management -> Order new domain and follow there the next steps.
    (if it is your first domain then you probably will need to add a handle 1st, for that go to Domains -> Handles and add one there)

    On the 2nd option if you want to keep the Domain externally and with a external Nameserver then go to your Hoster and change there the A Records of the Domain to the IP of the Server. We cannot provide more details on this one as the Interface of each Provider is different.

    The 3rd Option is to keep the Domain on a External Provider but to use our DNS Servers, for that go to Network -> Nameserver and add there your domain

    After that is done the Panel will provide you the Nameserver:

    Now go to your Provider and change there the nameservers to this ones.
    (Keep in mind you will need to do that for each domain as the Nameservers will be other ones most of the time)

    If you have any question let us know.

    Best Regards,

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    Domain is most important


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      On the second choice in the event that you need to keep the domain remotely and with an outer name server then go to your hoster and change there the a records of the domain to the IP of the server, we can't give more subtleties on this one as the Interface of every provider is extraordinary...

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