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How to reset a forgotten Administrator Password

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  • How to reset a forgotten Administrator Password

    If you did forget your password or locked the administrator account, you can use the Recovery Mode to unlock/reset the account. For that simply follow this steps:

    1st: Go to the PowerPanel -> Hardware -> Recovery (there place any temporary Password and your Email so you get a notification when the Recovery is ready)

    (If you have multiple servers there will be a server selection menu)

    2nd: After you get the Email "Recovery mode ready!" Connect to the Server over VNC (not RDP!), you can use for example tightvnc or any other vnc client. To connect use your Server's IP and the temporary password that you selected on step 1

    3rd: Go to the Desktop and start the "NTPWedit" tool

    4th: Go to "..." Select the HDD that is labeled as Windows and go to ?:\Windows\System32\config\ and open the SAM file

    5th: Select the account that you want (probably Administrator) and Unlock it or Change the Password and then "save changes"

    6th: Exit the program, go back to the PowerPanel and abort the Recovery

    7th: Wait for the server to reboot and then you should be able to login again over RDP.

    If you have any issues or questions regarding this let me know

    Hope this did help you.
    Best Regards,

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