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Pay a server but cant login

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  • Pay a server but cant login

    So over 5 days i waiting.
    I pay a server and cant login or Reset my password

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    Hi there,
    My name is Petar Hristov from server4you/serverloft technical support
    Did you open a support ticket about this issue, have you tried to Restore your server again.Also if you cannot remember the password then you can view it, by going in to your PowerPanel -> Hardware -> Server Overview

    Best Regards,
    Petar Hristov


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      I have write with 5 Supporter with live chat. He say me the Support Ticket ist open but the Techniker cant fixed it. What ist that for a Support ?
      So this ist the 6. Day of waiting of the server.


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        How should I see it in the Conrol Panel if I can not even log in? I am already waiting 6 days that it will be fixed. ne because you get an answer that the technician does not report itself at Server4You