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Cronojbs - What to put in the command line?

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  • Cronojbs - What to put in the command line?

    I would like to run a cronjob via Plesk, tried several options in the command line but I don't get it to run. I always receive the e-mail:

    /bin/sh: 1: /var/www/vhosts/my/website/path/test.php: not found

    Could someone please tell me what exactly do I have to put in the command line to make it run on a vserver here on server4you?

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    You should be able to do that directly in Plesk:


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      Hey Martin. I know about this and that is exactly what I am trying.

      But I don't know the exact command which I have to type in within the cron option of the Plesk panel. And that is what my question is about.


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        Hey StephanBo can you maybe open a ticket for this? So we can troubleshoot it and provide you more information


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          I think about various stuff is actually what I am attempting, be that as it may, i don't have a clue about the correct order which i need to type in inside the cron choice of the plesk board

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