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Migrate website from a cPanel host to Plesk

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  • Migrate website from a cPanel host to Plesk

    We had some questions on this topic so I will post here a guide on how to perform the Migration from a cPanel Host to a Plesk Host.

    In my case here I did install a Standard installation of Wordpress over the cPanel and will migrate it to the Plesk Server.

    What I want to migrate in this case:
    - Client accout
    - Website
    - Database
    - Emails


    On the new server with Plesk (destination) you need to install the Plesk Migration Manager that you can do over Tools & Settings > Updates and Upgrades > Add and Remove Product Components > Plesk Migrator

    Or you can do is over SSH with:

    Now go in Plesk to Tools & Settings > Migration & Transfer Manager > Start a New Migration
    Select cPanel and fill out all other data:

    Now press Prepare migration, it will now scan your cPanel server for your Domains etc:

    In my case now I want only to migrate the account subscription from, with all its Emails, DBs and files:

    After you selected all as you need you can press Migrate, Plesk will then start some Pre-Migration checks (this can take some minutes) and then will start with the migration (this also can take quite some time depending on how many data needs to be transferred.

    After it is done it will show you how it did run:

    In my case I got some warning as the mailbox allowed space was bigger than allowed on the destination, it still did create the email and copied the existing emails:

    This should be all that is needed.

    As you can see this process got really easy nowadays.

    You can read more here:

    If you have any additional question, let us know and we will try to help.

    Best Regards,

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    I was having an issue with my old hosting while upgrading my WordPress website to new versions, I have moved and migrated my website through WordPress migration plugin (") and it transferred in minutes without fixing anything technically.
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