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The latest news and updates at SERVER4YOU. New products, new bargains, everything can be found here! Make sure to check back often!
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Want to talk about something completely unrelated? Open a discussion or engage in various topics talked about in this forum.
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My server is unresponsive! What to do next? Even the best technology can fail at some point. Find useful tips how to get helped quickly and get online again.
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SERVER4YOU Product Information
Our dedicated server portfolio is updated frequently. Learn more about hardware specifications and possible use cases to find the right server for your business.
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FTP problem
Virtual servers can be a very cost efficient solution for a variety of projects. Click here to learn which VPS is the right one for you and what specs we offer.
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S4Y offers a vast selection of features that can be added to your servers. From backup to monitoring services and other software add-ons are highlighted here.
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Ordering a domain is easy. But bringing it all together using a DNS service can be challenging. Find help here to get your domain name set up right!
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Last Post: DNS-Server API
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DNS-Server API
by GeraldS
No server is complete without an operating system. How to install an OS using our PowerPanel and what OS options you have are explained here.
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A reboot and recovery rescue system are the main items in our survival toolkit for you. Learn how to recover quickly from software configuration issues.
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Some projects require more than one IP. Find help with how to acquire more IPs and set them up for your servers and services.
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Diligent abuse management is the key to protect yourself from legal claims from third parties. Track and update your abuse complaints in our PowerPanel.
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If you want to change payment methods, settle invoices or have other questions, check out this area. Most issues can be solved directly in your PowerPanel.
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Control Panels
Plesk makes the lives of admins and web professionals easier. Its ready-to-code environment offers Docker integration, Git support, Wordpress toolkit and more.
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cPanel is one of the most popular control panels for dedicated servers. How you can get the most out of it? Find help for all cPanel related question.
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Operating Systems
About 80% of our servers run Linux whereas Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu are the most common distributions. This is the place for anything Linux.
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If you prefer a graphical interface on your server, Windows is probably your choice. S4Y offers 2008, 2012 and 2016 distributions. Find help for Windows servers here.
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FreeBSD, OpenSolaris, OpenBSD? What is your personal preference? Learn from the community how to install different OS and share opinions.
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Firewalls are the nuts and bolts for your server’s security. How do you set up and optimize your defenses? Share your experience with other users!
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Attack mitigation tools such as Snort and Fail2Ban are most commonly used intrusion detection systems for servers. Harden your server now!
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Monitoring the performance or access to your servers and services is essential in learning how well it performs and what your user base is.
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Do-it-Yourself Hosting
Managing an email server like Postfix, Exim and or others can be challenging at first. Find help here for all your SMTP related questions!
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Running your own DNS with Bind or any other software? Getting it right is the key to host domains for web or email on your server.
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Frequent backups are your life boat in the event of a catastrophic data loss. Don’t play with fire by skipping this life crucial task!
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Last Post: Acronis backup
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Acronis backup
by Martin
Reliable and secure remote connections are essential for maintaining your server and all services on it. Learn how to securely access your servers.
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How do I connect to my server?
by Martin
Running a database server can put an enormous strain on server and operator. Choose your database software and server wisely!
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Are you a developer coding in PHP? Let our community know about it and share useful commands in your “mother’s tongue”. Show us all your tips and tricks!
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Python is one of the most popular scripting languages. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, find help right here in this forum!
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JavaScript is a widely-used scripting language on the web. Use this section to share your knowledge to help others solving their problems.
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SQL the language of databases. No matter if you use MS-SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL, SQL is the Swiss army knife bringing it all together.
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Official S4Y articles: SQL
Working with Perl, Ruby, PowerShell or any other new or old scripting language? Post your opinions and lessons learned right here.
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