My server is down! What to do next?

All technology can fail at some point. If your server has become unresponsive, it can be due to a hardware or a software failure.
SERVER4YOU recommends following these steps to help us identifying the problem quicker and get your server back online as quickly as possible

Step 1) Perform a hardware reset

In the event of a software failure, such as the infamous Windows Blue-Screen-of-Death or the Linux kernel panic, a simple reboot may make your server accessible again.

On the PowerPanel at go to Hardware -> Reboot to perform a reboot.
It may take up to 10 minutes for the server boot.

Step 2) Start the recovery

If your server is still unresponsive after performing Step 1, we recommend attempting to boot the server into Recovery. This is to verify if a misconfiguration has taken place, such as a firewall that blocks everything. If the recovery boots successfully you not only know that there is no apparent hardware issue, but you will also be able to fix the issue.

On the PowerPanel at go to Hardware -> Recovery
You will receive an email notification from us when it started successfully. If it didn’t start up after 15 minutes proceed to Step 3.

Step 3) Contact support

If steps 1 and 2 failed it is likely that a hardware issue might be responsible. Please open a ticket immediately and let support know that you already tried a reboot and trying to boot the server into recovery. Support will then immediately dispatch a data center technician to investigate for a hardware issue. test