On 25.05.2018 comes into force the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR-EU), which regulates and unifies across the European Union (EU) the data protection law and the way companies deal with private data from its customers. In this article we will show you the new features available on our PowerPanel and Website.

1. Management of Cookies

From now on, we offer a new cookie banner for the cookie settings on all our pages. It shows not only which files we keep from a group of Cookies, but also gives you the possibility of an individual configuration. You as a user will in the future have the choice of which Cookies, and therefore which personal data, you would like to make available to us.

You can review and change those settings at any time on our website under our new
Privacy Manager page: https://www.server4you.net/privacy-manager

You will also be able to change the cookie settings in the PowerPanel. You find the Privacy Manager on the footer:

2. Approval

You as a new customer can decide whether you would like to be contacted by phone and if we are allowed to contact you regarding special campaigns and offers.

Our existing customers will find in the PowerPanel the new newsletter categories as well as the channels through which we may contact them. It will also be possible for them to modify their choices at any time. Those settings can be found in the PowerPanel under "Adminstration > Customer data > Contact preferences".

3. Changes and cancellation

You as a customer of our company will have in the future the option to have your personal data deleted from our system. However, this is only possible if you no longer have any contracts with us and your customer account is settled.

It is also possible to perform changes as the Company or your personal name. Please create therefore a Ticket in your PowerPanel under "Administration > 24/7 E-Mail Support".

4. Transfers

You will have the option to request an export in the PowerPanel just so that you will be able to get an overview of the data stored at Server4You, also being able to transfer them if necessary. The data will be provided directly for download.