At Server4You we've achieved another breakthrough: Get all vServers now with the fastest SSDs currently available on the market! These provide up to 10,000 IOPS and thus up to 10 times faster data access than a traditional mechanical hard drive.

Of course, you won't pay a single penny more for your virtual server with SSD power than for a vServer with HDD. With both offers, you'll take advantage of the best price-performance ratio on the market and our Best Price Guarantee!

Fastest SSD performance or HDD with more web space? Use the button below for your selection!

  • 2 vCores CPU power
  • 100 GB SSD web space, RAID 1
  • 2 GB RAM guaranteed / 4 GB burst RAM
  • 100 Mbit/s traffic flat rate
  • 1 static IP included
  • PowerBackup and Snapshots
  • PowerFirewall


  • 6 vCores CPU power
  • 200 GB SSD web space, RAID 1
  • 6 GB RAM guaranteed / 12 GB burst RAM
  • 100 Mbit/s traffic flat rate
  • 1 static IP included
  • PowerBackup and Snapshots
  • PowerFirewall


  • 10 vCores CPU power
  • 300 GB SSD web space, RAID 1
  • 10 GB RAM guaranteed / 20 GB burst RAM
  • 100 Mbit/s traffic flat rate
  • 1 static IP included
  • PowerBackup and Snapshots
  • PowerFirewall / Stateful Firewall Matching
  • VPN Support over TUN/TAP


  • 14 vCores CPU power
  • 400 GB SSD web space, RAID 1
  • 14 GB RAM guaranteed / 28 GB burst RAM
  • 100 Mbit/s traffic flat rate
  • 1 static IP included
  • PowerBackup and Snapshots
  • PowerFirewall / Stateful Firewall Matching
  • VPN Support over TUN/TAP



SSD or HDD for your vServer?

SSD devices have a higher I/O performance than traditional mechanical hard drives. This means that more read and write operations can be performed each second. The SSDs we use in our vServers achieve over 10 times more operations. If your project involves many input/output operations, e.g. with database servers or dynamic websites, you should opt for a SSD in your VPS. An HDD in your vServer is the better choice, however, if you need more storage space, and when the number of database queries remains rather low with your project.

vServer Advantages

The vServer technology combines the best features of a dedicated server with the advantages of web hosting products: the efficiency of a powerful server, full administration access, ease of use and a price that everyone can afford.

The guaranteed resources of your vServer, such as the memory, are not shared with other vServers. In other words, you will always experience excellent performance and speed. In addition, working with your vServer is very efficient thanks to full administration access and a variety of convenient features in your PowerPanel such as backups, snapshots, firewall and more.

Also, the availability of a vServer is particularly high, because virtualization allows a quick and easy migration of any vServer to another host system.

More advantages:

Short contract period

Have your requirements changed and you want to upgrade to a dedicated server? No problem! The minimum contract term of only one month offers you full flexibility.

Best price guaranteed

We guarantee that our vServer products offer you the best price-performance ratio on the market. However, if you find an identical product at a regularly advertised lower price, we will match the lower price plus give you an additional 10% discount.

Satisfied Customers

Top ratings: In our regular surveys, 96 percent of our customers report being satisfied or very satisfied with our service. And we won't give up unless the remaining 4% are also happy!

Available within 60 min

Your personal vServer will be ready for you in less than 60 minutes.
Order now and use it in an instant!

Free support

Server offers often involve hidden costs, even though they seem like a good value at first sight. Our vServers already include everything you need, even our professional 24/7 Support, which is available around the clock via our convenient ticket system.

100% Brand Name Hardware

Only at Server4You: All vServer host systems feature 100% brand name hardware quality! Servers from Fujitsu and HP equipped with state-of-the-art server processors from Intel and AMD, Samsung memory modules, and powerful SSD technology by Intel. Best performance and stability for every single vServer!

Operating System of Choice

CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu: Use the latest versions of the most powerful and stable server operating systems on your vServer! Install your favorite Linux distribution including all patches just by the touch of a button in the Server4You PowerPanel.

Full Administrator Rights

You're the boss! Thanks to full root access you can do whatever you want with your vServer: install your own programs, modules and scripts, and manage all the settings as desired.

Own Static IP Included

A static IP address is required for many internet applications such as SSL encryption. With your Server4You vServer you get one IP address for free. Up to three more can be ordered for each vServer.

Plesk Panel 11 Included

Server management made easy! The powerful Parallels Plesk Panel in the latest version is available free of charge with your vServer. Install it directly with your operating system and manage your vServer without Linux knowledge. A few clicks and new domains, e-mail addresses, FTP accounts, etc. are set up.

Real Traffic Flat Rate

Have a lot of traffic on your vServer? No problem! You may transfer an unlimited amount of data – without hidden cost or throttling. Every vServer is connected to the internet with 100 Mbit/s of bandwidth.

Backups and Snapshots

Simply safe: Create a backup of all your data with just one mouse click or setup an automatic backup service. Plus, the convenient Snapshot feature enables you to save all current settings on your vServer, restore these settings, or transfer them to your other vServers – just by the touch of a button.

99.95% Availability Guaranteed

We want your vServer to be available all the time. Therefore, the entire infrastructure of our vServers is based on a sophisticated redundancy concept. And since we are convinced of this concept, we guarantee you an uptime of 99.95% on average.

Certified Data Center

Your vServer is safe in our data center! This is also confirmed by the certification according to ISO 27001 - the world's most important standard for the testing of data centers.

Europe's Greenest Data Center

Hosting in the greenest data center in Europe: Our data center datadock is operating with the highest power efficiency! For this reason it received the "eco Award" as well as the highest rating of five stars in the Datacenter Star Audit.

The vServer Pioneer

Server4You was the first provider of virtual dedicated servers in Germany. Trust in the original vServers provider and rely on more than ten years of experience!

Server Location USA or Europe

In which of our state-of-the-art data centers will your vServer be hosted? The U.S. or Europe, it's your choice! No matter which one you choose, the price is always the same.

* Prices valid for the first six months for all offers starting from 12 months minimum term. After that period, the price increases as follows: vServer PRO $15.00 per month, vServer PLUS $29.00 per month, vServer PREMIUM $45.00 per month and vServer PLATINUM $59.00 per month. Charges are due in advance. Contracts without minimum term can be canceled anytime to the end of the month. All other contracts are prolonged after the minimum term for additional 12 months eacht time, if they are not canceled in writing three months before the contract term ends.
All prices exclusive of 19% VAT. VAT will not be charged if you provide a valid sales tax id or order from outside of the EU.